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Personalized Wood Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are both beautiful and functional. We engrave our beautiful one-of-a-kind designs on one side of the board to be used for decoration around your kitchen, while the other side can be used as a traditional cutting board. Our personalized cutting boards make the perfect housewarming, wedding, anniversary or special occasion gift. Choose from 3 types of wood: bamboo, walnut or white oak. Allow 5 to 10 working days for delivery.

Please Note

After you order your first board at the non-discounted price, you can add additional boards to the same order. For each additional board added to this order we apply a $10 discount. There is no limit!

For this discount to apply, all boards must be ordered at the same time and they must ship to the same location.

After you have added your first board to your cart, go back and click on the red box below the order form to order additional boards at the discounted price.

Designs are shown below. Please click on a design image for wood selections.

Personalized with Names

Personalized House - Style 1

Personalized House - Style 2

Personalized with Monogram

Personalized Fleur de Lis

Personalized Seashore

Additional Personalization for Real Estate Agents and Corporate Gifts

For corporate gifts, real estate closing gifts, etc., we offer an additional personalization on the back (cutting) side of the board.

Additional Personalization

Additional Personalization


Additional Personalization

Accessories and Additional Notes

When used as a cutting board, we recommend treating the board regularly with oil. We carry "Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner" (which exceeds the FDA's requirement for food safety). This will prevent it from cracking or warping. If, after washing, your board feels a bit dry or rough, add some of the conditioner with a lint free cloth or paper towel. With each application, the more the wood will seal and the less you will need to apply the conditioner. Please do not put the cutting board in the dishwasher!

We carry an attractive display stand for the board. Please order accessories from the individual cutting board pages.

For safety reasons, every household should have two cutting boards in their kitchen; one for fruits and vegetables (for cutting anything that is safe to eat raw), and a second cutting board for uncooked meats.

Each cutting board is unique - no two are alike. Natural variations in the color of the wood is normal and not to be considered a flaw.

Cutting Board Oil

Cutting Board Oil

Metal Display Stand

Metal Stand