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Personalized Concrete Address Plaques

Concrete Plaques

This concrete cast address block has deeply etched numbers and letters. This high quality address plaque is extremely durable. Plaques are available with an acid washed look. Acid washing gives the address block a rough look, exposing the sand underneath the top surface. These are also available in a toasted almond color which is integral to the concrete as opposed to being a finish. Complete mounting instructions are included. Please allow 5 working days from time of order for block to be made and ready to ship.

Classic address blocks are slightly thicker and are usually used in new construction and mounted in the wall. Blocks are about 2 " thick.

Surface address blocks are slightly thinner than the Classic and are usually used in existing construction and mounted on the wall. Blocks are about 1 5/8" thick.




For those of you who are considering using the natural color for the characters, please look at the picture to the left. This is a grey cement block with natural numbers.  This may be right for certain applications, but we want you to see how the numbers are not as easy to see. A white block with natural numbers would be even harder to see when the sun shines on it.

Below is a better picture of the non acid washed, Toasted Almond concrete block.  Note the hint of light chocolate in the color.

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