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Woven Picture Throws Made From Your Photo

Turn any photo into a Jacquard Woven Tapestry

High quality 100% Cotton Throws.

Custom woven, line by line on state of the art equipment, with dyed yarn to create an artistic image of your photograph. The picture isn’t applied on top of the throw — it is woven into it. This throw blanket will last for many years. Created from your photo. Made in America. The scale is huge, the quality is superb, and the effect is stunning.

Prices include shipping.

60" x 50" - $84.95
One picture and personalization.

71" x 53 " - $89.95
Up to four pictures, borders, and personalization.

60" x 80 " - $124.95
Up to four pictures and personalization.

Custom Throw Mockup 1

We specialize in housewarming gifts and thought the picture of the buyer’s or seller’s house woven into a throw would be a special gift they would keep forever. Obviously, these can be used for many occasions and are superb for capturing weddings, sports, pets, babies, family portraits, and other special events.

Custom Throw Mockup 1

The Order and Design Process

First you will need a good picture. Please keep in mind that a good photograph will produce a good product and a bad photograph will produce a bad product.

See our tips page for more information about what makes for a good photograph.

Due to the weaving process, the photo will be somewhat "pixellated".

To order, just fill out the ordering box below and complete the checkout. In a day or two you will receive a code and a link to a online page where you can design your throw. There you can upload your picture, crop it as necessary, and add text. On the 70" x 53" throw you can add borders of different shapes and colors.

The site is easy and fun to use. If you have any problems there is someone available to answer your questions.

After you submit the picture, allow approximately two weeks for the throw to be woven.

Ordering Options

Price includes shipping.